Why Ecommerce Email Marketing Isn’t Dead (And What This Means For You)

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Best Practices For Optimizing Email Marketing For Ecommerce

While e-commerce is still young in India, it has seen a number of startups evolving into big companies in a short period of time. Zepo offers you a free payment gateway, integrated eCommerce courier services and advanced tools to market your online store. Your social media marketing strategy needs to get the right people excited about your products and really engage with your audience.

To make things even more promising, 70% of site visitors who are retargeted on Facebook are more likely to return and make the purchase. Bonobos shows us how to get it done with their win-back campaign, that is also cleverly positioned as an email verification campaign – and can function as both. Get a checklist of the top conversion tactics you can implement on your ecommerce store.

Indian e-commerce is projected to explode from $10 billion to $43 billion in the next fi ve years, according to Nomura’s India Internet Report last year. It comes with templates built out in standard HTML (without pre-formatting tags for MailChimp), so you can easily make edits before sending. After a bit of trial, error, and measurement, you’ll be able to pinpoint the best ways to implement the above methods into your Facebook marketing strategy for e-commerce. Choosing the right plugin or theme from the right developer may be prove to be a lifesaver.

Next, if you want to help your venture grow long term, and to build multiple successful businesses over the years, you should ensure that you have a growth mindset. Based on our work with our eCommerce companies and online retailers, we find that typical improvement ranges from 10% to 25%. Before we get to General settings, you’ll want to make sure that your WordPress Theme is compatible and setup with WooCommerce. Tower has incorporated Parallax Section, 8 different blog styles, and a Live WordPress Customizer tool. Another disadvantage with Mailchimp is the homogenisation of their email templates.

Oddly enough, my friend a doctor told me that one way they know the patient is doing better of she has got a lipstick on. So, spend time on your site appearances, on your social media presence and doll it up for selling more of your goodness. Storefront is an intuitive & flexible, WordPress eCommerce theme offering deep integration with WooCommerce. Websites and the environments they operate in are ever-changing; frequent website changes, new browser and operating system updates mean that ongoing monitoring of customer experience quality is essential.

In particular, this course provides an overview of the key elements of the design of a web user interface that will impact the user experience: usability, persuasion and graphic design. The rate at which visitors abandon is an important statistic to track for online retailers as it can mean the difference between a profitable eCommerce store and unsuccessful one.

Subscription companies outpace retail and flash sale businesses by a long shot when it comes to a customer’s average numbers of orders in the span of a year. This is made possible by WooCommerce, one of the most popular premium plugins on WordPress. Avoid hard selling and sending them one upsell / cross-sell email after the other. This means you get more actionable customer feedback that you can use to improve satisfaction.

However it’s more likely that they will be familiar with Facebook and will have come across a Facebook login on a third-party site before. Add a small statement below the product images encouraging users to share on Facebook. A responsive web design allows customers to have a consistent experience across any device they choose to use while shopping-whether desktop, tablet or mobile. The home appliances segment is the largest revenue segment in the e-commerce market and accounted for more than 32% of the total market share in 2015. Download our free ebook, Ecommerce On WordPress: A Getting Started Guide , now and learn what you need to get started with an ecommerce site on WordPress. Here are some design best practices for improving conversions on mobile devices and across channels. Bearded agreeably supports the famous WooCommerce plugin for WordPress and is also a responsive theme.

The No. 1 thing for me is to be super empathetic to entrepreneurs and the grind they go through every single day and making sure all my products are helping them – whether it’s inspiring them, making them more organized or more efficient. The theme has a great integration with the SiteOrigin’s Page Builder plugin with which you can customize the homepage unlimited. I can vouch for all these ecommerce SEO resources because they have helped me on several projects. Most of the free WordPress themes available today usually don’t come with a documentation at all.

But despite its widespread nature, you need to ensure that you’re not accidentally using deceptive advertising practices. Facebook is hoping to change that with a trial feature that will host a retailer’s product catalogue within its ‘Canvas’ ad offering. We has expected NZ to follow US trends and reach 50% mobile viewing of websites by 2014, but that stat didn’t show us anything about email viewing.

Most entrepreneurs have other business ideas they would one day love to explore. There are fundamentally two platform options to take when you are starting an ecommerce venture. Much like Audience Network, direct response-focused e-commerce advertisers initially lagged behind their gaming counterparts when it came to deploying video ads on Facebook. There are now plugins coming out for some of the more popular eCommerce plugins, which are designed to make your online store more mobile-friendly. Arise is indeed a powerful WordPress theme that supports most of the popular WordPress like WooCommerce, bbPress, jetpack etc. Thanks for your details and explanations..I want more information from your side..please include some valuable ideas. E-commerce companies earn anywhere between 5% and 15% in commission from sellers, which makes up their revenue.

It is a free multipurpose theme, which can be used for business or eCommerce website as it is fully WooCommerce ready. As an e-commerce business, online advertising is a major part of your strategy. You can use email marketing to collect relevant information about your subscribers.

Between properly installing Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel, you can begin tracking accurately, quickly and for free. It also hosts live chats with professional photographers on Facebook so fans can ask specific questions and get more specialized advice. Throughout the event, you will learn more about the latest trends, innovations and best practices in ecommerce.

The website should offer the option of checking out as a guest, and should not force the user to register. Still more barriers to overcome to reach a whopping growth in 2020(refer above figure). Below are examples of how an e-commerce site built using WordPress can be secured from vulnerabilities. You will truly find this end-user focused coding & design the ‘icing on the cake’ of this wordpress shopping theme for bakeries and food & drinks businesses. User experience (UX”) is about how a person feels about using a product, system, or service. So, take advantage of customers’ piqued interest in your products – especially first-time buyers – by following through with post-purchase email campaigns. Templatic support was incredible when I purchased one of their wordpress themes.

With so much private information like credit card numbers, passwords, and home addresses at their disposal, e-commerce website owners have become the forefront for HTTPS. Catalin did a great job at recommending the right ecommerce platform and kickstarting our marketing. An online shopping platform, ShopThruPost , offers you an effective and efficient e-channel to grow your business locally and internationally. The Tire Kickers are visitors that come to your ecommerce store but have very little buying intent.

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