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E-commerce focused articles on topics like shopping chart abandonment, checkout funnel optimization, product page optimization. Great post, but — it’s also not an english site, so user trends in the country of origin could be off from what you might find in the UK, or America — so yes, it is definitely important to do your own split testing to see which works better- BUT I also agree w/ what someone said about how you use Facebook.

While not appropriate for every e-commerce business, advertisers that have adopted DPA have seen noticeable improvements in performance compared with their ads using website custom audience (WCA) — a legacy means of targeting specific users on Facebook.

What’s more, Shopkeeper incorporates Visual Composer plugin that permits you to construct pages with their own unique layouts for all of your posts, pages and the landing page of your site, with a ‘drag and drop’ feature that is easy to use and customizable on both back and front end editors.

After you make sure that your platform can handle your business model (i.e. recurring orders or customized products), you need to make sure that you platform delivers on the features we’ve identified as crucial for ecommerce entreprenuers – we weighted these 5x more than ‘nice haves’ in our assessment of ecommerce platforms.

PayPal integration, full compatibility with WordPress themes, intuitive dashboard offering widgets and the ability to track sales, stock, orders and other statistics, Google Analytics support, multiple shipping options, and easy social sharing enabled by ShareThis and Sharedaddy are all features of WooCommerce.

From e-commerce platforms like Tictail or Shopify, which aim to eliminate all the barriers to starting an online store and simplifying all the tasks that come with it. To certain email marketing apps, all are turning their focus to seamless integration.

When you need to determine specific factors that need to be accomplished within your WordPress store, you should consider WPEcommerce This plugin provides all necessary features that were mentioned above with the plugin competitors; such as: a user friendly interface, choice of templates and layouts, credit card processor integration, and an easy to use admin section.

Another report by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Deloitte, a consultancy firm, reveals that the Indian online retail sector will be a monstrous 1 trillion (Rs 660,000 crore) market by the end of year 2020 and this growth in the e-commerce will lead to big-big innovations taking place in the Indian market.

Key Features: Responsive layouts, drag & drop builder, unlimited color variations, unlimited file variations for email service companies, layered psd included, mailchimp ready, campaign monitor ready, major email client supported like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol etc & much more.

Using Ajax techniques for product loading and filtering, the JustShop Theme offers your visitors an extremely smooth shopping experience, and with the shop pages being styled for 2,3,4 or 5 columns, you can thoroughly customize the look & feel of your eCommerce website.

I see that some ecommerce startups make partner decisions based on comfort and relationships or do no due diligence in projecting the estimates of how this kind of relationships might work out financially and what their other alternatives might be. And, as we all know, switching platforms, tools, and partners only adds costs and takes away time from your growth momentum.

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