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Reporting to the User Experience Director, the Associate User Experience (UX) Director is responsible for leading the design of outstanding digital products and experiences with internal and external creative resources. And, of course, we navel-gazed about AI, VR, marketplaces, frictionless payments and all sorts of other wonderful new technology that continue to make the world of Retail and eCommerce a fascinating industry to be a part of. And Salesforce is certainly excited to be part of it, too.

Q2. We are looking for full service technical and marketing support team and would like to partner with someone who can maintain our site (UI, UX enhancements, site updates in terms of creatives, offers and promotions, product uploads etc) along with managing SEO, social media, digital marketing and so on. And do a great job of it all!

Under the Home Office Scheme, owners, tenants, or persons authorized to live in private or HDB (Housing Development Board) property are allowed to conduct small-scale businesses within their homes, as long as their business activities do not fall under the scheme’s negative list.

This lovely, user-friendly, multipurpose, well built and new and innovative WordPress theme will allow you to promote existing merchandise, market fresh merchandise, expand your business, manage delivery and your stock and get in touch with customers and more.

I’m a firm believer that you need to see the conversion value of your ads in the interface that you’re optimising in. Even if you’re using UTM tracking and can see the revenue from your ads in Google Analytics, it helps to see it directly in Facebook because not all Facebook clicks will be tracked in Google Analytics (due to things like the user not having java and many other reasons), and they use different default attribution models.

For example, there is no use in using video functionality on the front page of your store if it doesn’t actually portray any relevant information to the customer – despite how much video is forecast as an upcoming trend for eCommerce If the video auto-plays, is irrelevant, and visually cluttering, users will be tempted to leave and not look back.

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