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Electronic commerce or e-commerce is a term for any type of business, or commercial transaction, that involves the transfer of information across the Internet. On timescales shorter than the cycle length, nonetheless, the frequency-amplitude correlation has not been convincingly confirmed, and the truth that the correlation coefficient is near the one reported in the best hand panel of Figure 5 indicates that all the trendy gadgetry of nonlinear dynamics may obtain was to get well the impact already identified to Wolf.

The ensuing SSN-proxy time collection reconstructed in this manner shows some outstanding similarities to the true SSN time collection, together with an epoch of strongly lowered cycle amplitude in the opening many years of the nineteenth century, and the secular rise of cycle amplitudes from the mid-nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century ( Determine 26C ). This implies that comparatively small but persistent modifications within the meridional movement, at the ∼ 5 – 30% level, could account for a lot of the variation in amplitude and period observed in the solar cycle, and probably even Grand Minima of activity (see Passos and Lopes, 2009 ), the subject to which we now turn.

In addition, the azimuthal averaging implicit in all models of the solar cycle considered above will yield dynamo coefficients showing significant deviations from their mean values, as a consequence of the spatiotemporally discrete nature of the physical events (e.g., cyclonic updrafts, sunspot emergences, flux rope destabilizations, etc.) whose collective effects add up to produce a mean azimuthal electromotive force. 7 Figure Cycle Reviews –

In the stochastically-forced flux-transport αΩ dynamo solution of Figure 25 , a strong correlation materializes between the peak polar field at cycle minimum, and amplitude of the subsequent cycle (see panel C). This occurs because in this model the surface polar field is advected down by the meridional flow to the dynamo source region at the base of the convection, and ends up feeding back into the dynamo loop.

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The first nonlinear time series studies of solar activity indicators suggested a time series spacing of 2 – 5 years, an attractor dimension ∼ 2 – 3 and an embedding dimension of 3 – 4 (Kurths and Ruzmaikin, 1990 ; Gizzatullina et al., 1990 ). Other researchers, however, were unable to confirm these results, either reporting very different values or not finding any evidence for a low dimensional attractor at all (Calvo et al., 1995 ; Price et al., 1992 ; Carbonell et al., 1994 ; Kilcik et al., 2009 ; Hanslmeier and Brajša, 2010 ). In particular, I would like to call attention to the paper by Jensen ( 1993 ), which, according to ADS and WoS, has received a grand total of zero citations (!) up to 2010, yet it displays an exemplary no-nonsense approach to the problem of sunspot number prediction by nonlinear time series methods.

There are a large number of life cycle course of models As discussed in the System Life Cycle Course of Drivers and Decisions article, these models fall into three major classes: (1) primarily pre-specified and sequential processes; (2) primarily evolutionary and concurrent processes (e.g., the rational unified course of and various types of the Vee and spiral fashions); and (three) primarily interpersonal and unconstrained processes (e.g., agile growth, Scrum, excessive programming (XP), the dynamic system improvement method, and innovation-based processes).

Streams interact with groundwater in all types of landscapes (see Box B). The interaction takes place in three basic ways: streams gain water from inflow of groundwater through the streambed (gaining stream, Figure 8A), they lose water to groundwater by outflow through the streambed (losing stream, Figure 9A), or they do both, gaining in some reaches and losing in other reaches.7 Figure Cycle Cost

(31) Member States which allow the sending of unsolicited commercial communications by electronic mail without prior consent of the recipient by service providers established in their territory have to ensure that the service providers consult regularly and respect the opt-out registers in which natural persons not wishing to receive such commercial communications can register themselves.

But in parallel with the often naïve phenomenological or empirical prediction attempts, already in the Hellenistic world, a handful of enlightened scientists started the development of physical models, based on logic and experience, that would lead to the advanced predictive skills of many models of modern science (Russo, 2004 ). Extending the analogy, we can see that the real importance of the recent debut of model-based solar cycles predictions is not their still dubious success rate but the conceptual leap they represent.

The introduction of ad hoc time-delays in dynamo models is long known to lead to pronounced cycle amplitude fluctuations (see, e.g., Yoshimura, 1978 ). Models including nonlinear backreaction on differential rotation can also exhibit what essentially amounts to time-delay dynamics in the low Prandtl number regime, with the large-scale flow perturbations lagging behind the Lorentz force because of inertial effects.

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(16) The exclusion of gambling activities from the scope of application of this Directive covers only games of chance, lotteries and betting transactions, which involve wagering a stake with monetary value; this does not cover promotional competitions or games where the purpose is to encourage the sale of goods or services and where payments, if they arise, serve only to acquire the promoted goods or services.

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