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Completed more than 500 SEO marketing & web designing projects of various categories. Learn how to optimize your site for users and search engine rankings, craft compelling content, develop winning pay-per-click campaigns, use and react to website analytics, and leverage the power of social media to put your marketing efforts over the top.

Digital Marketing Radio App shares interviews and discussions with top digital marketing, e-commerce & online business experts – an ideal online marketing app for the entrepreneur, business management or marketing professionals – in fact, anybody interested in improving their internet business or web marketing related knowledge.

Here’s a list of notable network marketing professionals that have blogs if you’re having a hard time envisioning that you need one: Casey Eberhart, Daegan Smith, Jonathan Budd, Ty Tribble, David Wood, Ray Higdon, Todd Falcone, Eric Worre, Mike Dillard, Raymond Fong, Rob Fore, and the list goes on.

Internet marketing only deals with business transactions carried through internet, e-mails, search engines whereas e-commerce carries business transactions through various electronic mediums like internet, mobiles, telephones, fax machines, ATMs, credit cards.

Online shoppers are drawn to purchase if they know right away how much your product and shipping costs, if they can see multiple views of a product, zoom in on your photos, read reviews from other customers, and save products they’re considering in a shopping cart.

In my opinion, network marketing is more of a fit for people that like working with and helping people whereas affiliate marketing is better suited for those that would rather make a sales and be done with it. If you are like me and love to see someone you coach and help reach large levels of success, network marketing may be the better fit.

The access platforms or hardware include PCs, mobile phones and interactive digital TV (IPTV) and these deliver content and enable interaction through different online communication tools such as organisation web sites, portals, search engines, blogs , e-mail, instant messaging and text messaging.

Hi Neil,am a Nigerian undergraduate.I am very interested in online marketing business but can get a simplified procedure on how to start and all the materials I need because am kind of a novice about online business and marketing and how it works.Please I’ll appreciate your kind mentorship and guidance.Thanks.

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