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50 Unbeatable Ecommerce Marketing Tips

That’s why we’ve compiled some of the easiest ways to create an exceptional eCommerce experience.  The Institute will thus serve as a universal portal to the current collective knowledge in the field of designing for the User eXperience. Moreover, 60 percent of Facebook e-commerce ad spending was mobile in Q1 2016 That’s 15 percent higher than it was in Q4 2015. I already have a Wix website and was tossing up whether to start selling via my facebook page or Website. Over 90% of consumers use their email at least once every day, and most people use it far more. It’s never been the most efficient approach, but within the confines of eCommerce it makes less sense than ever.

We’ve created a helpful guide that outlines 22 different ways you can test your abandoned cart email campaigns to grow revenue. Don’t use the default cart abandonment email that comes with your eCommerce platform or email marketing provider. The report states that 48 percent of shoppers have looked for information online in apparels, footwear and mobile categories; but 18 percent of them purchased offline. Having a company or LLP would ensure that opening of bank accounts in the name of business or obtaining a VAT / Service tax registration are easy and fast. WooTheme developers just get what an eCommerce store owner needs, and the theme also supports two important eCommerce shortcodes — one for displaying promotional banners and another for placing important sticky” messages at the top of your website. Soundest offers an automated Welcome email and Welcome Series (3 emails in a row).

Business interruption: You likely rely on other third-party providers to assist you with functions like shipping or internet service. Many forums accept sponsorships for specific sections or even the whole forum and this is a great way to promote your business but also become seen as an influencer in your niche. You might have heard that Facebook ads are not effective for eCommerce stores, or that nobody buys off Facebook traffic. The fact that we develop and operate such solutions ranging from single server Magento 1 installation to 30 server SAP Hybris (2 datacenters) for around 15 customers in 5 countries has nothing to do with my ignorance. Whatever stage you’re at, this eCommerce email marketing case study from and will open your eyes to the potential of email marketing (particularly marketing automation).

One of the best things about shopping in physical stores is the excitement of discovering something worth our hard-earned money. Her specialities lie in Indian venture capital, start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, technology, adventure travel, women VCs, women entrepreneurs and women issues. Since we integrate directly with your existing ESP and eCommerce platform, you’ll be up and running (fast!) with tangible results.

Instead of broadcasts and blasting” (shudder) their list, Amazon focused on personalizing the crap out of every email they send. Such segmentation is a superb marketing tool, because you’re encouraging people to continue their shopping experience. But if you intend to use your website for promoting your products or services, you can simply disable the eCommerce functionality of the theme options panel. Equipped with IM services, businesses can stand by consumer’s side every step of their shopping experience to really show how much their visit and custom counts. You may make it more complex by expanding the formula or you may simplify it. Creating a B2B E-Commerce Business Case is vitally important. These emails are predominantly sales focused, but blog or guide content also make up a large part of a good eCommerce email marketing strategy.

Simulate the search experience before launch to help ensure it meets business needs and customer expectations. And if you offered an incentive for the signup, your welcome email will contain the coupon code and a big, bright, shiny button for purchase. All we need to do is to download these templates and the installation is a simple process thereafter. In fact, email marketing is cited as one of the most effective online marketing tactics, second only to search engine marketing. MaxStore is customizable and easy to use free WooCommerce WordPress theme for any kind of online store. There’s no place where this rings truer than in Facebook ads when people are scrolling through looking for engaging stories, photos and memes from their friends, not looking for advertisements from retailers.

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