Customer Experience Is King Of The Ecommerce Jungle

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Basic Guide To Creating Better E

Unfortunately, all too often it becomes an obsession at the detriment of other considerations. As part of this initiative Walmart in partnership with Vrutti and WEConnect India is supporting the’ `Entrepreneurship Development’ Programme For Women Owned Businesses – a 15 month capacity building programme for 25 Women Owned Businesses in NCR,Uttar Pradesh (Agra/Meerut), Punjab (Chandigarh/Jalalandhar), Andhra Pradesh (Vijayawada) and Telengana (Hyderabad) Regions to increase their capacity to become potential suppliers to Walmart.

The major players in this industry include , and Although the current situation in terms of the interstate taxation policy, especially the VAT rules, can be a headache, the industry is eyeing the upcoming GST reforms in the year 2017 as a major step forward in solving these problems.

When shopping online, a potential purchaser can’t pick up a website product, squeeze it, feel the texture, check its size or material or anything of the sort, so if anything is going to clinch a sale, it will be the photo; which should be clear, sharp, revealing, and above all, interesting.

It’s no secret that the key to high CTR and high converting ads is relevance to the user, and you couldn’t be more relevant than showing them the exact products they viewed on your website within an ad. Much like AdWords dynamic remarketing, Facebook’s dynamic product ads are a dream come true for ecommerce advertisers.

The customer experience is more concerned with providing a seamless and connected experience across all touchpoints in the buying journey, whether that be interactions on social media, exceptional online customer service, or personalized offers on your mobile phone.

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