Commerce Entrepreneur? Here Are 3 Things You Should Do

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Commerce Is Changing The Face Of Entrepreneurship In India

Our market-leading Daily Pulse newsletter is an invaluable source for digital and ecommerce analysis, inspiration and learning. While Kylie was by far the youngest Retail and Ecommerce entrepreneur, there were plenty younger elsewhere on the list, including 16-year-old Team USA snowboarder Chloe Kim, and 15-year-old inventor Gabriel Mesa, who created the motion-powered Carbon Battery as well as the piezo-powered diabetic neuropathy treatment Stimuped.

Through close collaboration with BASIC, our teams were able to weave together a digital experience that celebrates the culture and craftsmanship of our brand with a modern and flexible shopping experience, reinforcing our passion to live the city.” explained John Evons, Vice President of Global Digital Commerce.

They were convinced that they could do this better and decided to spend their savings proving it. So, as the first online erotic store in Scandinavia, they launched a site with a 100% clean and sober design without images of naked women on every page.

Another good point towards WooCommerce: is quite well supported by WPML (through a dedicated plugin), meaning that it’s pretty easy to build a multi language, multi country and multi currency eCommerce (at least easy as much as WooCommerce is to configure 🙂 ).

The entire Organisation needs to elevate itself and graduate to new web enabling platforms where speed, information, visibility and co-ordination of multiple transactions, seamless working of applications connecting different business processes form the components of the business chain.

Facebook allows you to create stores within your Facebook Page, but it does involve you knowing how to create an App, then uploading your products and pricing information into Facebook, then somehow connecting all that to some sort of shopping cart to process your payments.

It would be very difficult to try and manually keep this information up-to-date, but by integrating your eCommerce platform with your email marketing software, you can ensure this data is always available and ready to be used to segment your lists and send high-performing campaigns.

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