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Commerce Platform For Optimal Shopping Experience

The eCommerce industry continues to grow every year and mobile shopping is growing right along with it. Position your most important content at the top – Eye tracking studies show that attention drops off the further down the email a message is, so position your most important and highest-value offers at the top of your email so they get the most attention and enjoy the highest click-through rates.

That said, there are some email marketing tools that are better than others , and when it comes to ecommerce marketing you’d be well advised to look beyond these traditional email marketing tools at marketing automation services designed with ecommerce in mind.

So, in the end, as mailchimp boss mentioned, you build a brand just to advertise for free for a different company that does not care about you, and will use all the infos they collect via their app and sell it to your competition or whoever will pay enough to buy their data.

Group Deal – a marketing tool enabling you to have your fans attracting their friends to join a specific deal that will only take place if certain amount of users, defined by you, joins it. Watch this short video to see how the Group Deal gained over 1,000 sales and 4,000 new fans in 24 hours to our Scandinavian fashion brand merchant, OnePiece.

This WordPress eCommerce theme has so many features, that you won’t need to use any other theme to run a successful eCommerce business Its a Very Strategically Designed Responsive Theme, to give you the best mobile website that you could ever imagine.

As we move ahead, we continue to face challenges; the impact of communication and ecommerce technologies on each industry has become far more reaching since the transformational effects expand to several sectors of the economy and society through the emergence of new industries and advent in the age of connectivity.

Flipkart has been conserving cash and has substantially brought down its burn rate to wade through this phase of slow growth.Besides Amazon, there’s Alibaba stitching up plans for a direct entry into e-commerce, making it a contest between the two global powerhouses and the Indian incumbents.

Knowing that you’re fighting for your customers’ attention, you want to be clear from the get go. An effective way to be clear from the get go is to use your subject line as a call to action preview that incentivizes the reader to open the email and get value out of it.

Along with a beautiful design, our amazing theme is equipped with Woo Commerce, many plugins with lots of features, Slider Resolution with smooth transition effects, super UberMenu with multiple columns styles and advanced widgets… We believe that the WordPress theme will surely be a great theme which meets objectives of your business.

If you make 3% less conversions on the FB logins, but those logged in by facebook share stuff on their timeline, then push 15% more traffic to your site, then you’re still going to experience more revenue as a result, even though 3% less of that 15% boost may purchase.

For retailers looking to advertise their products, Facebook is adding to its immersive, iAd-like Canvas mobile ad format so that people will be able to click on an ad and be shown a full-screen product catalog that loads 10 times faster than the average mobile site, according to Mr. Idema.

As highlighted by research from Nielsen and Forrester , many consumers expect to have the same personal experience shopping online as they do shopping in-store, and they expect the same convenience and speed of shopping in-store as they do shopping online.

In this article we have pick up best free eCommerce WordPress themes that you can download free or buy the best one with premium version, as you know WordPress can run your site on one platform including the shopping cart and many of these themes are designed to be used with specific eCommerce plugins.

As per the study, there would be more than a five to seven-fold increase in revenue generated through e-commerce compared to last year with all branded apparel, accessories, jewellery, gifts, footwear available at a cheaper rates and being delivered at the doorstep.

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